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Betelgeuse should we get under the bed?

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What always gets me about Betelgeuse going nova is the simple fact that some one will be looking at it through a scope when it goes, and when they yell not a person within hearing range will believe t

I think the only way it could pose a risk would be if it went GRB with the axis pointed straight at us, otherwise it will "only" be staggering. Think point of light as bright as a full moon. Bother, t

I'd sooner watch it than hide. Hope it hurries up! 

I wonder what form such a SNR would take, and how long it would take to develope.......................?

I believe planetary nebula from super nova events expand at around 1/20th the speed of light so i leave it down to your own mathematics to work out its extent at any given point in your life should of course Betty gone that way some 640 years ago.

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