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Somewhere in here is a thread on first DSO imaging attempts, but I can't find it now, so, in order to share the excitement of finally getting to the start line, I'm starting another.

Two images: One made with a standard micro 4/3 camera and one with a single-shot colour CCD.

I have tweaked the colour a bit on the second one. The original was very salmon pink. Not sure why (although I was in too much of a hurry to bother with darks or flats), but it reminds me of film-based images from 30 years ago.

As a star-struck kid (a very long time ago) I never imagined that I would eventually be able to make images like this myself. It is enormously satisfying - and will surely keep me busy while I have the strength.

By the way, I live close the the Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire borders. Can anyone recommend good, dark sites in the area?



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I'm near the Devil's Punch Bowl off the A3. Lots of light pollution and too many trees - particularly around my garden.

These were taken with an 80mm/520mm apochromat manually guided using a 90mm/500mm achromat - too lazy/impatient to get the auto-tracking sorted yet.

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im the same with light pollution where i am close to London an annoyance if you ask me... im just upgrading my scope at the mo moving upto a Celestron Advance vx 8 edge HD....being where you are have you tried The Hogs Back near Aldershot ( i know again light pollution) but worth a try and another place i can think of is Longmoor training area ( im a veteran) i i can say that place gets dark.

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That's a great image for manual tracking! Once you've gained your patience, do have a go at darks. You'll be staggered at how much noise they remove. And get as many subs as you can as they increase data and reduce noise.


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