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Anyone have any experience of SharpSky Pro

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The package has evolved out of a diy project that grew into a kit of parts and then the sharpsky pro.  I am sure if you google Dave Trewren you will find links,

was tempted at the kit of parts stage but...    sorry cannot be more helpful.

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Hi Steve,

I can recommend the SharpSky focusers I have all three versions.

I have the SharpSky Pro connected to 3" Feather Touch focuser, fitted to the 10:1 fine focus, this supports my Quantum 2" x 7 position filter wheel and Atik 383L camera without the need to lock up the focuser barrel. Without releasing the grub screws on the flexible coupling I can not turn the focus knob.

With the dew heater control, temp sensors and filter offsets it's well worth the money.

I use the auto focusing in SG Pro and that works like a dream. When you have worked out your Critical Focus Zone (mine is 104 microns, this worked out to 195 steps)

Just Goolge Sharpsky pro that will get you through to Dave.


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Evening guys,

Dave Trewren here - developer of SharpSky Pro focuser system.

A fellow imager on the UKAI forum made me aware of this thread (thanks Chris) so I thought I would jump in and answer any questions.

My background is as an electronics engineer in telecommunications, primarily IC chip design but also software when required.  I started 
imaging quite a number of years ago and it soon became apparent that I needed some type of automated focusing system.  I couldn't
really find anything on the market with the feature set I wanted at the right price point so embarked on my own design.  The design work
was posted and proved very popular so much so I produced a kit.  The kit then evolved into the Pro version with a built in four channel
dew mitigation system.

The focuser is fully ASCOM compliant, all the details including manual can be found at : www.sharpsky.net

Units are build personally by me in my workshop in Bristol UK.

Please, if you have any questions regarding the focuser  - fire at will.

Cheers & clear skies,


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I have one of the original kit focusers and it works like dream both with Dave's software and with FocusMax.

Most of the regular members on UKAI forum have them and as far as I am aware all are delighted with either version.

Totally recommended.


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Dave I Like your product but when are you going to comply with the Legalalitys of selling on the net?

Terms and constions, right to cancel, contact details?

You have a great lookiong product but at present your not doing yourself any favours and in fact are in breach of the law.

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Dave I Like your product but when are you going to comply with the Legalalitys of selling on the net?

In fairness, I find that the vast majority of online retailers fail to comply with the DIstance Selling regulations by e.g. regularly refusing to refund outbound postage costs, failing miserably to provide required information at the point of ordering, requiring the goods to be returned in their original packaging, etc.  Just for the record, attached is a nice, concise summary of the regulations for both retailers and consumers alike.


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Thank you for the comments regarding SharpSky - much appreciated.

I am aware of the many laws regarding selling over the internet, it is somewhat of a minefield.  Obviously, such laws/legislation are there to
protect both buyer and supplier.  However, I suppose I am a little old fashioned and still believe in an honest transaction and full support
until the buyer is happy.  Most guys that have purchased SharpSky I have gotten to know via the forums, have been recommended or
maybe spotted the gear at an dark sky astro meeting.  Other than a very small banner on UKAI I don't advertise at all. 

The original idea behind the project was to share knowledge and expertise and help guys build a focusing solution themselves for a

fraction of the cost of anything available on the market.  To that end I am still happy to supply programmed and test microprocessors
and provide all the support I can to make sure a working solution is achieved - to best of my knowledge there has been a 100% success

on self builds.

Some guys either don't have time or don't feel up to a self build and so the after the kit the Pro version of the project came to be. The
project is not run as a business venture - I build and supply the gear because I enjoy it and because it is a great way of interacting with
the Astro community as a whole and providing equipment which, from feedback, appears to tick boxes.

For me one of the most satisfying aspects of the project has been the ability to help guys out not only with focuser related issues but
microprocessor (PIC) projects in general. Lots of guys soon realise that with a little bit of software knowledge and a simple PIC
based platform just about any control based system can be be built - and it's a lot of fun !

Cheers & clear skies,


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  • 2 months later...

I finally decided to take the plunge with this purchase.  Having had an exchange of emails with the designer (Dave) and existing users of the system, I liked what I heard and felt confident that the autofocuser was just what I was looking for. Having taken delivery, I am happy that I have made the right decision! :grin:

This simple start represents the first stage of a new project that I am embarking on to commission a full remotely operated observatory. More information on which will follow as the project gathers momentum!

For now, here are some images of the new autofocuser:-

Complete Kit


Motor Controller


Dew Heater Controller


Motor Temperature Sensor


Motor Coupling


Manual Focuser Jog Encoder


Motor Installed on Feathertouch Focuser


Close-up of Mounting


Close-up of Drive Coupling


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi steve..folks..

I looked this up after your email..what a cracking bit of kit. .defo something i'd be interested In as well for video astronomy. .I have shared the website on the video astronomy forum..thanks for the heads up...davy

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