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This Sunday's Sky at Night is a special on emission nebulae Might be worth a punt.

I think this was the best episode so far in it's modern guise.

Twas a good episode, and I'm chuffed to have one of my images featured too!

The Pillars of Creation

Perhaps no object in the night sky conjures up a greater sense of awe and wonder than a nebula. These vast clouds of dust and gases are stupendously beautiful, but they aren't just pretty objects. Nebulae playa key role in the birth and death of stars, and therefore in our own origins. And driving their creation is a kind of chemistry that the textbooks say shouldn't be happening.   :smiley:  

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Nice that series record now works.

I enjoyed the programme too.

I can always tell if I find programmes interesting.... I tend to fall asleep!

If they are annoying, I stay awake and rage at the TV.

Only thing that jarred a bit was Maggie and Chris doing the double presenter bit where they do alternate sentences....maybe stretch it to two or three sentences for each turn?

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Good episode . 

Was a little disappointed with the different answers given to the 'turbulence' question though , on one hand Professor Serena Viti said that the origins of the turbulence were still an unknown , but later on Steve Fossey stated that the expanding bubble from supernovae provide that turbulence ...  :rolleyes:

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In a way, it would be surprising if there wasn't some sort of instability in a gas/dust cloud.

Wouldn't it would have to be perfectly uniformly distributed in order for there not to be imbalances in the gravitational forces?.... and the Universe hasn't been uniform since those ripples just after the Big Bang.

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Not disputing that , there's obviously turbulence up there , it was just poor program making/editing in my opinion , they'd have been better off with the two 'pros' in the same room at once , similar to the group discussions that used to take place at "Farthings" ...  :smiley:

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I iPlayer-ed it and watched last night - a fascinating episode with some great science to explain the pretty pictures. I had a wonderful surprise about two thirds of the way through when my image of The Heart Nebula appeared in one of the photo sequences! I really enjoyed that, but also loved recognising so many names on the other images shown. I feel honored to be broadcast alongside the likes of Sara Wager, Fabian Neyer and Terry Hancock to mention just a few. SGL rocks yet again!

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