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California Nebula in LHARGB

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Yes looks very nice, great star colours also. I would say its a bit pink though and should be closer to the reds you see on the outside of the nebula but thats just my preference! Also the brightness of the 'core' of the nebula may be hiding any details that lie within. Hope you dont mind this constructive criticism :) 


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I think that's good. I like the star colour and general colour balance. Where I do think the data has more to give is in local contrasts. The nebula is a little flat as it stands. If you have Pixinsight then LHE would be a good routine to run. An O111 layer would also bring more contrast - but this is a lovely image.


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>> Hope you dont mind this constructive criticism :) 

Of course not! The reason we upload images is the constructive criticism (and thoughts) too :)

Olly I agree with you, This target is full of Red / Ha. It surpasses all other colors. OIII could help a lot. I'll try to give more contrast using pixinsight functions.

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    • By Paxo
      Not done any deep sky imaging for over 3 years.  A few changes in personal circumstances have meant a new lease of life back into the hobby.  So here's 80 minutes worth of 10 minute unguided Ha subs using an SX H36 camera through a Tak FSQ106 mounted on a Paramount MX+.  Taken on Friday evening when I had to be up early on Saturday to get the train down to London to attend Astrofest.  Calibrated the image with some flats, bias and darks taken on Sunday Morning.
      Minimal processing (trying to remember how to use Pixinsight) so stacked in DSS, some basic stretching in PS.  I'm happy I'm back in the saddle again.  I think I'll try and add some more data to this one before the winters out.

      Thanks for looking
    • By Maxrayne
      So I was looking at having a go at NGC1499 with an unmodded D5300. After having a quick look, is it even worth it? I've had a try anyway and I'm currently running an 8 minute stack under light polluted skies. Preparing myself for some disappointment here. Can I get away with just adding more data under better conditions? Because I was shooting at 70mm on a standard tripod my exposure times are somewhat restricted. If there's anything at all from this stack I'll post it up but I'm not holding my breath
    • By frugal
      First attempt at imaging in a while. Probably not a good idea to try this with an unmodified DSLR, but I figured I would give it a go. Only 10x300s subs before the moisture levels really started to rise and everything just became soggy. Lots of problems with guiding as well, 8 out of the 10 had some kind of guidance error show up in the frame (fortunately they were straight lines out and bak in one of the cardinal directions so they mostly got cleared up in stacking). Final image is horribly noisy due to the poor quality of the starting frames, but I am at least back in the saddle again. Someone remind me where PixInsight put the "Silk Purse from Sows Ear" function, I seem to have lost it
      To give you an example of the frames I had to work with:
      Lights: 10x300s @ ISO800; Darks: 112; Bias: 489; Flats: 35
      Scope: Skywatcher ED80-DS Pro
      Camera: Canon D60 (unmodified)
      Mount: SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 GT
      Guiding: Skywatcher ST-80 and Lodestar X2 using PHD
      Processing: PixInsight
      I tried to move from ISO400 to ISO800 as I read that it helps with the horrible banding from the Canon camera, however now I end up with bright stars blowing out ;(
    • By Magnus_e
      Camera is Zwo Asi 1600mm-c, with Baader Ha filter.
      All subs is @Unity and offset 21 cooled to -30c
      70x 2min lights
      26x 5min lights
      200 biases
      16x 2min darks
      9x 5min darks
      Remotely imaged on the night from 7th to 8th of January 2017
    • Guest
      By Guest
      These are the other two of the three objects I was able to image on the 26th with an entire night of clear skies 
      I wasn't too impressed with the Wizard Nebula results but these results made up for it :-)
      I love the billowing nebulosity in both and I'm going to concentrate on these objects as much as I can in the coming month.
      ASI1600MM Cool / TS65 quad / (1499 Ha 24x5min) (HH Ha 14x5min) / bias-flat-dark / proceessed in PI

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