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Hello ive been looking at dslr cameras trying to find one that can be used unmodded so i can still use it in everyday normal life i have a lx spc900 but just wanted somthing for when i take my setup out on the road to the dark places taking a laptop and stuff easier with just the dslr what does everyone think

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Stick to Canon cameras as almost all astro software is designed to work with them.  All you need is a body for astro and the appropriate adapters to attach it to your scope.  If you want one for normal life as well then a basic body/lens kit should suffice.  if not then a body and your own choice of lens(es).  Have a look here for new prices:  http://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk/Canon/Canon-Digital-SLRs    The 1200D is the basic "starter" body and would set you on your way.

You could also buy from the second hand market - same idea of a body and suitable lenses.

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