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Celestron 15x70 Skymaster Double Vision

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Hey SGL, long time!

I have recently started using my Celestron Skymasters again (been having some clear skies in Yorkshire recently) and I have noticed that the stars are doubling up through the binos. I have tried to pull apart the objective lenses (Front glass) with my hands while viewing and it fixed the issue. I have since resulted in stuffing a bit of cloth between the tubes to keep the lenses pulled apart.

I guess my question is: Is there a more practical fix for these binoculars? Perhaps some accessory I can buy to place between the tubes of the binoculars and keep them further apart?


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There are collimation grubscrews under the rubber on the prism housing. Mount the binos, sight on an astro object, or a terrestrial object a couple of miles away (e.g. pylon on the horizon) and don't tweak by more than 1/8 turn at a time.

These images are of a different binocular, but the collimation screws are in approximately the same place. The screw-holes might be blocked with adhesive. The screws are slotted-head, so need a small flat screwdriver.




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I've got these,and when I bought them,they were a revelation(no pun intended!),however collimation seems to be a bit wayward with these....I'm afraid that I have no answers,apart from getting yourself some Helios Apollos! Sorry to carp on about these ,but they really are the bees knees! They really do verify the old saying "Buy cheap, buy twice".My next bins of choice are WO 10X50'S to replace my Olympus. Having said that,the Celestrons are a brilliant buy,IF, you get a GOOD one.

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Have these binos and mine did exact same thing think they got knocked when traveling in suitcase anyway as stated can be fixed by locating and moving the screws


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