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Jupiter - 6.12.14 first rough video attempt

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Here is my first and rather crude attempt at a rotating Jupiter in red channel only for 39 mins. Always wanted to try it and so treated this as a test thing to have something to learn with so here it is. 

I had my first go with my Black Fly on Jupiter Friday night and was surprised at the size so had to put my 2.7 barlow away.

Anyway things didn't go to plan for the still colour captures really could have been focus or seeing or me being a prat, either way I was a bit rusty on this and an old PC I've stripped for plant captures was not being nice to me either.   :dark1:   Anyway,  after negotiating special don't disturb me privileges with my partner :cussing:  if the baby or other two children woke up , after some faffing I changed to a 2x powermate and guessed the focus before the sun started to arrive. (Boy was that moon bright Friday night. )

So apologies for the crude first time video processing although not sure it will get any better with the data I had. Just delighted to see it move  :icon_compress: , so thought I'd share.

Capture is  43 frames of 45 seconds each over 39 mins (with some delays in there though...PC arggghhh)  

Thanks for looking,


(hope this link thing works)


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Hmm that didn't work as planned...so any pointers on uploading straight  to SG (without an outside link..or even avoiding You Tube ) would be much appreciated for any better ones I get in the future.

Thank you


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Thanks guys your too kind :-)

Yes the seeing definitely declined which was apparent in the processing which I kept the same for each frame but the output varied. I was very surprised at the movement , which looked insignificant.

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