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Our nameless moon


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It is an interesting question and its not the only one, what about the Sun :eek: I like Alpha Centauri  but it's been used once.  :rolleyes:

Sol, the Latin name of the main-sequence star of the synonymous Sol System, called the sun in English

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I know this doesn't really answer the question, but each month's full moon has got a name.

Jan ...Wolf moon












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Nice thought :grin:

Playing around a little :p

The word 'Moon' is the name we have given to the object of perception that our nervous system has abstracted but the name is not the object; it merely stands for the object. And even then it doesn't do that too well. I mean, there's more to the Moon than the 'Moon' itself.

The name lunar isn't the Moon either, nor is it the 'Moon' but clearly, it is associated with both the Moon and the 'Moon'. But that doesn't really explain why we don't have Moon eclipses.

And if one studies the Moon's surface, what are they doing? Moonology? Naaaa. Lunology. Naaaa. Wait for it........Selenology  :shocked:  Selene! You're having a laugh, mate  :laugh:

Nevertheless, the Moon isn't just any old moon. It is the Moon. So it does have a name. Words like Gaia for the Earth or Luna for the Moon are for poetic or hippy uses :grin:

Thank goodness I live in the Milky Way. Oh, hang on. Do I live in the Milky Way or the Galaxy? Isn't the Milky Way that band of light I see over head on dark nights? And the Galaxy is the Galaxy? When folk say they saw the Milky Way, what are they referring to...?

It's late, I'm going to bed :smiley:

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Luna and Sol used as proper names stand out like a sore thumb in a Dutch text. And we have words like maansverduisteringen and zonsverduisteringen: Moon eclipses and Sun eclipses. 

The Moon, Earth, Sun and atmosphere, being the only representatives in each of their categories,  have no proper names in any of the Indo-European languages, including Latin. The Latin words Luna, Sol and Terra simply mean the Moon, the Sun and the Earth. Three times a noun.

I'm happy with these things having no name. Though Mun might be a nice name for the Moon.

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What are you guys on lol. The Moon has a name and it is ..............wait for it................wait for it............its "The Moon". It was called the Moon long before mankind knew of the presence of any other satellite bodies in the solar system. When we discovered others they were referred to as Jupiters or Saturns moons etc simply because they were the equivalent of our own satellite which we call the Moon. Even after we named many of these other satellites we still refer to them as moons probably because if you said satelites to the layman they would start to conjure all sorts of strange visions and the conspiracy brigade would be all over it.

Oh and that big star we orbit also has a name, its called "THE SUN" (not to be confused with a gutter press daily). 

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I know this doesn't really answer the question, but each month's full moon has got a name.

But all those full Moons that are the second in a month have to share the name "Blue Moon".  Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, eh?


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