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Io occulting (?) Ganymede, latest Uranus & Mars + Lunar image...

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post-3551-0-85679300-1417483966.gifpost-3551-0-10775700-1417484023.gifpost-3551-0-55261500-1417484061.pngpost-3551-0-02938400-1417484079.pngpost-3551-0-92757400-1417484096.pngpost-3551-0-97096200-1417484117.pngpost-3551-0-90628700-1417484148_thumb.pnHi SGL'ers - here's our efforts from last Wednesday & Thursday nights...we went primarily to image Uranus but targeted Mars before turning to Uranus & during the evening Pat checked WinJupos regarding Jupiter for the following morning - we intended getting up early in the hope of snaring something half-decent despite the low elevation it is from the site we were imaging at - 36°. :(

Surprised to see that Io would pass in front of Ganymede around 5am and more surprised to see that the iR742nm filter produced a fairly acceptable onscreen feed/image despite mediocre seeing and the low elevation of Jove..! :)

So we fired off 12 x 50 second avis one after the other but as things were happening so fast there was no time to focus between avis so the focus went softer as time went on (focus is a very dynamic thing, more so when a planet starts to rise...)

Here's a capture scale animation and a "close-up" of the moons at 250% capture scale...

On to Uranus we were pretty happy that the seeing was reasonable enough to garner 3 avi's that could be processed to get reasonable outcomes. (this is pretty good, Uranus requires a lot of effort in so many ways to "pull" decent images)

Here's the best of those 3 reasonable raw outcomes in mono & false colour (I've changed my f/c rendition somewhat to (hopefully!) better reflect some sort of reasonable rendering...also the 3 semi-raw outcomes that might give some folks ;) an idea of what we need to capture to get the sorts of outcomes we aspire to...

As I commented elsewhere the dark collar surrounding the N-Pole appears more like a cap than a collar - although you can see it might actually be the collar it has come out as in some of our images in better seeing...but when you are working towards the limits of resolution as you are with Uranus it becomes very difficult to identify anything small with any certainty whatsoever...

We still hang out for the possibility of some really good seeing for Uranus but one thing that is frustrating is that the storm that was there earlier isn't conducive to the times we can image Uranus - hopefully we might get a chance later this month to see if it's still around but with this planet transiting/culminating around 9:45pm it will be difficult synchronising... :(

The tiny Mars (5.2") wasn't fantastic but we thought it ok given how very late in the apparition it is now...and we took one Lunar image with the Moon fairly low just for a "Dabble." :)

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Fantastic ! Where do I start with so much high quality imaging !

The animation of the two Moons is incredible. The details on Ganymede and that you have cleanly split the row is simply amazing ..and then you have animation with it ! Wowzers :-)

As always your Uranus images really lead the way with such accuracy. Thank you for showing the differences in capture and the raw outputs.

It's good to see Mars is still there and considering its tiny and off the menu really to get anything , it's even more outstanding to capture in its most difficult state to such quality.

(Bowing lots over the internet)

A real joy to see, thank you for posting.


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Thanks very much from Pat & myself re all the generous responses folks - we appreciate your kindness :)

For those interested I replied to a comment over on CN about the seemingly disparate size comparison between Io & Ganymede: Io has a bright equatorial "belt" & much darker polar regions making it appear distinctly egg-shaped & smaller than it actually is.....I think that it assumes a more comparative proportional appearance when it is sitting squarely in front of Ganymede's disk in the animation where we might be seeing a "better-illuminated" outline to Io - but this could well be my eyes or a general optical illusion..! :confused:  :rolleyes:  :laugh:

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"Thump!!!"..hits floor on seeing.......(picks himself up off the floor )..... :grin: ...Wow! Darryl. Superb set of images. :icon_eek:  Where do you start? Just all wonderful. Particularly love the delightful and detailed moon mutual event. Superbly captured - not sure if I have ever seen one! Brilliant work :hello2:  :headbang: .

                                       Best regards,


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