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'fraid not, it's still shooting through the bayer filter, just throwing away the colour info afterwards.  So if you put say an Ha filter in front, only the red pixels would have a chance of seeing anything, and those are already much attenuated by the camera's own IR filter

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You could potentially use narrowband filters, but RGB filters are a waste of time. However, since a DSLR already filters away much of the narrowband signal, that also is waste of time.

A modded DSLR however....

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I would just like to say the only dumb question is the one you dont ask!

I concur with glowingturnip the bayer filter mosaic will still remain in place so all the red / green / blue is effectively sidelined when working with a B & W setting on a ccd. you would have to get the mosaic removed totally for that to work.

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Hi all,

If i set my nikon d7000 to take B&W fotos could i use a filter wheel and filters as you would useing a ccd Mono Camera .

In a nut shell the answer is no. The so called mono mode is just de-saturated colour mode and not a true mono. The Bayer matrix is still there filtering the light that reaches the sensor. You can not use NB filters in particular the Ha and Sii with an unmodded DSLR due to the filter, this need to be removed otherwise it would be a waste of time and you end up with nothing. In order to use NB or RGB you need to have the Bayer matrix removed and this is no easy task even for professionals.


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