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M42 - Reprocessed

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I decided to attempt to completely reprocess my data of M42 from 23rd/24th November to try and get the core better and less blown out. I think I achieved it and quite happy with it now   :)

Any thoughts comments welcome.

SW Equinox 80 APO, EQ5 Pro Synscan GOTO.
Guiding: SW 9x 50 finder guider and QHY5.
Modded Canon 600D with CLS clip filter.
Using: BYEOS, PHD, DSS, Photoshop CC.

ISO 400
5 X 300 second light frames
6 x 600 second light frames
15 x 30 second light frames
10 x 10 second light frames
40 x Flats
20 x Bias
20 X Darks


15870511092_599d909a06_c.jpgM42 ORION NEBULA DSLR by VikN46, on Flickr


15914712205_ba9a0d4ece_c.jpgM42 - Reprocessed DSLR - Crop by VikN46, on Flickr

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The core is a vast improvement. But do think that its a touch heavy on the magenta.

Thanks I try and check the colours on my computer, mobile and tablet to try and get the best colour I can as on my computer it looks fine but then on something else too saturated, frustrating really.

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Nice work though i would agree that the red channel may be a touch too strong.

You have done a really nice job of transitioning to the core. Tough decision between the PI and PS versions, the PI version has more contrast and detail but at the expense of a little more noise by the looks of it. Either way, great images!


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Thank you,

The focuser isn't too bad, I tightened the tension and that improved it a lot. At the moment focusing is fine as I am using Capella which is quite low in the sky at the moment, there is a tendency for it to slip slightly if I am focusing on a star much higher in the sky like Deneb/Vega and it is a bit more fiddly to get it right, but I really don't find it a problem if I support it and tighten the focus lock knob when I am happy with the focus and it will happily stay in the same place all night.

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