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first proper winter night

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Hi guys tonight was my first proper winter night out and I'd forgotten how cold they can be.

First off I hit all the usual suspects m31, m57, m13, albireo, the double cluster etc. I always hit these first as they are lovely and easy to find.

Then it was on to old friends returning for the holidays starting with the Pleiades first time seeing them in the New scope, absolutely lovely. Thought I may have detected a little nebulisity around the brightest star but it's entirely possible I fabricated that with my minds eye.

Finally I sort of got lost around the auriga area, I can never tell all those clusters apart but they do look amazing. It always reminds me of looking at Lilly pads on a lake.

At this point I was freezing, and the scope was misting up something fierce. Next on the agenda is some sort of anti dew gear and a better plan for my viewing so I don't just wander about. Also try to wIt until later next time before going out so I can see more of this season's highlights instead of last.

One last matter, when using my stock 10mm eyepiece the view is a little bright and resolution is a little washed out, is this usual? Would a better eyepiece give better contrast?

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Congrats for having a good session :smiley: Yes better EP's would improve things and picking them based on what you want to observe will help quite a bit. A nice 2" widefield around 24mm would be great , a 12mm widefield and an 8mm ortho. This would cover nebulae (with filter), finder, large open clusters, galaxies and planetary/lunar. Maybe ES widefields and a Fuji/Hutech ortho would work?

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