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Having driven around my area at night you begin to realise that a lot of the light could be switched off with little real difference. A road here could easily have alternative lights turned off, even more relavent as there are no houses on the road, leaving the remainder on. Some small roundabouts have 15+ lights on them, very sure that 1 in 3 could be turned off all the time. Someone has drawn a plan of 3 lights per access road at the roundabound, so a small roundabout with 5 roads on/off it hasd 15 lamps. Sure that the plants grow at night through photosynthesis.

I think part of the problem is that the approach is "all on" or "all off", there seems little application of the idea do all the lights need to be on/off or could we switch half off at midnight on selected roads.

Will say everything on my bit goes "blink" at 11:45 and darkness descends. Used to be 12:00 but when the clocks changed it went to 11:45.

Cannot do anything about the poll - no account - but for anyone that has perhaps suggesting the previous would get listened to - number of lights reduced but no total switch off. In a way both sides happy. Just needs someone to decide which could go off.

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