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In the wake of the Pleiades...

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Years ago in one of my first astronomy books I read that this cluster is now known to be ploughing through some interstellar gas and dust - and the book (now lost) had a picture showing the streaming

Honesty compels me to admit that this dark time has been very disappointing. Remember that we have our own time machine here so 6+ hours doesn't take 6+ hours!  lly

Layers! You need a hard stretch for the faint stuff and softer stretches for the bright stellar cores. I still feel I could get mine better in this respect and will chip away at it. Olly

Hi Olly, this is even more beautiful than when you were going through the tutorial with me. I have a copy of the same data, but shudder to think what my feeble effort will be in comparison. I will however 'give it a go' and see what I can do.

It was great being at your place last week and the seeing was unbelievable - the food and wine was excellent too. I had a good journey back and called into Sistron on the way to Marseille, it was lovely and I got quite a few terrestrial photo's. Please say hello to Monique for me.

You are going to have to bring the images down to our next meeting for us all to marvel at.

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