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Usb microscope for astronomy

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When using a web cam instead of an eyepiece the lens of the webcam is removed, the scope becomes the lens if you like,  so you may have to destroy the usb microscope to use like this,  you can pick up a webcam cheaper than £30.  Then again we may get a nice surprise,  I would wait for a few more replies.

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Many USB webcams uses cheap sensors with very very small pixels. That pixel size may cause that even f/4-5 Newtonian will be overscaling the image above aperture resolving limit :) I wouldn't expect it to perform even "good", unless it's a proven model worth 2-3 Microsoft or alike webcams when new in shop (with images that don't show common CMOS noise patterns, good dynamic range etc.).

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But some eye pieces also have a built in T thread so they can be directly mounted on a camera, so the telescope is not the lens in that case.  There are already USB cameras on the market which will send the view to a PC which look like the usb microscope though the focus position is the key point to whether it will work  and then it may be too enlarged.

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