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Heart and Soul as one - 10 pane mosaic (130pds)

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Cor blimey.... im glad this one is over!

Ok, loads of replacement subs had to be taken for this as everything taken on the 5th got trashed due to the Moon and soooo many fireworks. But it stayed clear just long enough to get top-ups on the stuff I'd taken already, as well as complete the bottom row of 5 panes.

Panes 6 and 7 was the place where the entire image hinged, as Id left myself with virtually no overlap :eek:  just two or three stars, thats it! So all the panes had to be rotated to match 6 and 7 (which had been rotated to maximise FOV for the overlap). There wont be any colour for this one as its time to move on - but not before taking it all apart and giving it a jolly good clean.

Its 2 hours per pane, apart from the top left (panes 4 and 5) - which are just 90min (all 2x2bin).

130pds, Atik 383L+, NEQ6, MPCC MkIII

Setpoint: -25

Calib: Flats & Bias

Resolution: 3.4" p/p

Thanks for looking! :)


Larger version here:



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Daniel-K, on 15 Nov 2014 - 11:14 AM, said:


great image Rob and dedication against these uk skies.

lol.... yeah right! :D

I would not have clipped it if I had been aware of how images behave over such a large patch of sky. Simply moving the telescope in one axis to make the overlap wont give you a square image. For example instead of framing up for a pane to the left, its more like left & up a little bit.

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No idea how you managed to finish this considering the rubbish recent weather, an awesome project!

Thanks John, it started well - but towards the end it was starting to get a bit scrappy (grabbing more data here and there to patch things up). November hasn't been a great month for AP so far.

Im still contemplating an Orion mosaic, but I think 12 panes is a bit too much for something that I can only get 3.5 hours on.

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Well done, it's great.

Too right about torture by mosaic as well. Indeed, as you say, just sliding along one axis for the next panel doesn't work. You can make life easier for yourself by aligning the panels onto a template, though - eg a widefield shot of the whole region resized upwards to the size of your final image. This will give a more coherent result than aligning the panels to each other, where distortions fly out of control.


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Thanks Paul, its certainly easier to rattle off a few panes now than it was three months ago! :)  Fortunately, the Heart & Soul are the kind of objects that just seem to hang around for ages - a good thing given the dodgy weather.

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That is medal worthy, not just for the bravery required to take on this mad project, but the dedication to see it through to completion in the adverse conditions we have endured recently. A fabulous result, well done, you must be chuffed and relieved it's all over now!

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Thanks Guy, getting the other two channels might be a job for a shorter FL refractor - theres no way I can go over 10 panes again! :)

I'd also like to try something new, hmmmm... havent done the pacman for a couple of years... might be worth a revisit. Single pane, unbinned, colour... definitely doable in one night.

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