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WO Binoviewers one of my best buys

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I have had binoviewers for a few years and use Antares 25mm plossls with a Herschel Wedge/Continuum filter on my 4" APO to view the Sun - excellent++

I also use the binoviewers on my 180mm Mak/Cass to view the Moon and the Planets. One thing that I have found is 15mm EPs is really the max that I would recommend. I did have a pair of 12.5mm William Optics Planetary EPs and although they were good I always preferred the view through the 15mm EPs.

I have recently purchased a second Pentax 6.5mm-19.5mm zoom which I will use in the binoviewers. I appreciate that in the main the top end will be too powerful but once they are in the binoviewers I don't need to change EPs in the dark. I am guessing that they will be used in the 15mm to 19.5mm range in the main but so far I have only used them on the Sun and that was pretty good. On nights of excellent seeing I might be able to push the magnification up to get the best position on the zoom and of course I don't need a barlow on the Mak/Cass.

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Very nice report of you first binoviewing experience Kev   For me the only thing that even comes close to using two eyes are 100 degree eyepieces. Both give superb contrast and are very relaxing, comf

Having now had the chance to try my new WO binoviewers i can now say they are all that i hoped for they have been on my must get list for so long but now i have them i really wish i had got them soone

Glad you like the binos kev. I love using them. Quick point : For a high power set with a 2800 fl i wouldn't want to go past a 16mm pair of eyepieces. This should give 175x which is plenty for most UK

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