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Be Still My Beating IC-1805


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For I can take it no longer....

This has been a painfully long time in coming, but I think that this is my final version of IC1805 - The Heart Nebula:


Tech Details:

2 Pane Mosaic

Ha = 10 & 12 x 1800s

OIII = 6 & 6 x 1800s

Skywatcher ED80 with reducer and QSI 683-WSG8

The first set of data for this project was ditched as I discovered, with many thanks to the constructive criticism on here, that my spacing was wrong and the stars were elongated in the corners, making the mosaic stitching nigh on impossible. So, back to the drawing board, sort out the spacing and start again.

Then the weather and moon set in... Need I say more?!

Anyway, I finally acquired sufficient subs to concoct this version. Please do let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve it. Though my patience with this image has almost run out for now. I don't think I want to see the Heart Nebula for some time.....!

Clear Skies and enjoy the greatest feat of human engineering with the Rosetta show tomorrow. Fingers crossed for a smooth landing! It's that far away that the signal from Earth takes half an hour to get to Rosetta - imagine trying to fly a remote control plane with that much delay.

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Hi Gav

I'm by no means an expert, but I have to say, this final image looks pretty fine to me and I would be most happy to have it on my wall.

I'm sure some of the more ardent imagers may notice the odd bit or bob and offer some advice if needed, but in all fairness, to my eye it looks very nice indeed.

Well worth the obvious effort :)

I wish I could have just one clear night here when I'm not working to actually get out and do a bit myself.

Good stuff :)

And fingers crossed for Rosetta!!!!

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Thank you Welrod50, red dwalf & Martin. It is far from perfect and still has some registration issues. I always struggle to bring out the OIII data without it descending into a mulch of noise, so the OIII is subtle in this image to say the least...

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Mr Bergman, thank you for your kind words! Indeed, I hope to put this on the wall along with my whole collection of astro photos at some point next year. I am lucky enough to have been asked to compile an exhibition to go on show at Marlborough College. I'm slowly getting there, but it's painfully slow when there is night after night of wind, rain and cloud...

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