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Hyperstar Imaging with Edge 1100HD and Atik 460ex (OSC)

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Thanks for the encouragement fellas! Jambouk… I don't use a flattener as the Edge optics are already pretty well corrected. I really do like the fact that I can capture several objects in one night if

I plan to add many images to this thread and invite any other Starizona Hyperstar owners to please feel free to post on this thread as well! Lately I have been trying more mosaics since my field of vi

With the very limited imaging time available in this country, seemingly getting worse, I came to the conclusion that there were just two courses of action :- Give up and sell all the gear and try to t

Posted Images

Not often do we see such good star shapes from the Hyperstar. The Snake image makes this point nicely. They're very good.


Do you think this could be the combo of the hyperstar with the Edge HD rather than the usual vanilla C8? I do after looking through one with 100 degree eyepieces and imaging with one briefly so far at f7 :)

The stars are very good right to the edges and even sharper on axis compared to my old C8 xlt.

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This one is my favorite so far. Although I framed it poorly, I think it shows really nice detail around the Horsehead and Flame nebulae. I took this a couple of weeks ago before the moon became too bright.

This is a four panel mosaic, each panel 10X180 seconds.


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Thank you Gina!

I'll be out tonight… the skies look like they will be very nice. I plan to take a few Merrier open clusters for a friend writing a book and then on to a few projects!

Here is my (again, poorly framed) M45 from a couple of weeks ago. I cropped a bunch off of 6 panels. Each 10 X 120 seconds).


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Blimey - nice images!

I have a hyperstar but I haven't got around to putting it on the scope.  Might have to rethink this now!  I use mono cameras so it's slightly more arduous (and clear skies are at such a premium...) but you must have your collimation absolutely spot on.

Well done - keep posting!

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Most impressive, lovely set of images, what makes it even more remarkable

is that most of the images are all panels stitched together,

Probably take me all year to get the data for one of them images with 6 panels

excellent work and keep them coming.


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