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EQ5 SynScan PRO GOTO and guiding

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I've been using my EQ5 and 200p for astrophotography with the simple dual-axis tracking motors. I've been getting reasonable results for 120s exposures and only need to throw out about 20%-25% of the subs due to elliptical stars or occasional split stars (I'm not sure why I get occasional cases where the stars are split). Anyway, I was wondering about advancing to guiding and I'd appreciate some advice on whether the upgrade to the SynScan Pro Goto would be worthwhile. I'm quite happy with my setup otherwise and I appreciate anyones experience of what can be achieved via this route.


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On the really cheap side....  

If your hand controller has an ST4 interface, then you could use software to drive the mount, either PC Mac etc.... with the addition of a cheap camera, then something like PHD would do autoguiding..

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The first thing you need to find out is if your mount has an autoguider port. If it doesn't, you would have to go the hand controller route as Dr JuJu says. However autoguiding does require a guide camera and mounting system for it. The cheap route could be using a small guide scope that attaches to your finderscope bracket then sticking a standard webcam on the end for guiding with PHD software. A more expensive option is to have an extra dovetail, guide rings and small refractor fixed on top of your current scope rings. There are more sophisticated guide cameras out there that are more sensitive and can 'see' more stars to guide from (making things easier when selecting a guide star near your target).

It all depends on budget vs ease of use.


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      Hi all,
      I'm looking at acquiring my first goto mount and have decided on the Sky-Watcher EQ5 PRO Go-To.  Stock seems to be low everywhere at the moment so I'm keeping my eyes peeled.
      I have a few questions regarding alignment.
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      I'm very new to astrophotography and would like to be prepared before splashing out!
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