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Hi. I'm Paul, username Astrocookie...

Not new to astronomy, just the forum. 

I may have been a member years ago but forgot my login so thought it was time to resubmit.

I have been 'into' astronomy since childhood but became active in 2011 when I was bought a SW130 reflector.

Since then i've become hooked and now have a ED80 Pro and enjoy budget astrophotography.

I like to make my own equipment where possible and have made a powertank, bahtinov mask, repaired and modded DSLR, finderguider, remote hub with AstroEQ and various supply controls and gamepad, remote USB DSLR trigger with timed image capture software, spiker and solar filter. Currently working on an auto focuser.

I am a member of the LAS and Central midlands stargazers and enjoy getting out when weather permits.



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Thanks for the welcome's everyone. I may be on here a lot if the weather doesn't improve !!! There's only so many times I can take my kit out to check it and pack it away again.

Hi Paul and welcome to SGL, as an avid DIY enthusiast, if you feel that you have created a device that you think would benefit other forum users, please post in the DIY section, as I am sure forum members would love to hear about it :)

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