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If I was to get another setup ???

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Hi all

Been thinking about getting another scope (wish I didnt sell the C8 :wink: ) Im torn as to what to get though...a grab and go type affair or similar to what I had before - C8 with HEQ5.

I know they are two completely different scenarios so suppose what im really asking is what is the BEST grab n go scope you can get and what can I expect from it.



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Why not go for both? The 8SE is the same tube as a C8 but on a more grab and go mount:


Or something a bit more portable, the 6SE:


The 6SE seems a very popular scope! I have the C6 tube and its fantastic with planets and the moon, its also shown some great views of deeper stuff...



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For grab and go, purely MHO, the best you can do is a dob. Great all-rounder, most aperture you can get for the cash, no aligning to do (except of the mirrors of course) and you can fit practically any size into an average car (<10" solid tube, >12": trusses).


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