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We recently purchased a new HEQ5 mount. We are testing the mount as I type, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much happening. We are using a power tank and the red LED on the mount is on, if the buttons are pushed a small noise comes from the mount, this stops as soon as it starts (presumably from the motors). The point is it nothing seems to be 'tracking'? The same happens when the hand set is put into 16x mode. Any tips ideas? :?

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Its a non-goto version, so doesn't have a park position.

Leave it going for a few minutes and it will move, they only go quite slowly, even in fast mode. 1x is 1 revolution per day, 16x is one revolution per hour and a bit, so not whizzy by any means.

Kaptain Klevtsov

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Oops sorry. Its been a while since I used my handset. With the software I use, I need to unpark the mount first.

I assume you have gone through the input of date, time, coordinates, daylight saving etc. and have bypassed the alignment step.

Try setting the slew speed to rate 6 (400x) at least and probably rate 9 (800x), you should see it move then).


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Remember that Sidereal rate is VERY slow - I would not expect you to easily detect any movement with your HEQ5. However, to prove this, point the scope down your garden and focus on a fixed object with the mount turned on. Leave it and go back in ten minutes and have another look I'll bet its has moved off your chosen object!

When you press the left hand button, the mount will actually STOP altogether! This is correct as a stationary mount is 'moving' at negative Sidereal rate if you see what I mean because the 'stars' are continuing on their merry way!

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Hello all, thanks for the imput - a rather large (those who know me will get my drift) red face here. My 'boss' remembered about locking the DEC and RA - and she isn't the 'astronomer' around here. :)

We also had to adjust the Latitude scale to 50 degrees, this was quite stiff, even after releasing the 'locking clamp' on the opposite side. Is this down to precision engineering Chinese style? :wink:

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