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50mm widefield Cygnus/North American Nebula

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I could proably have cropped out the vignetting, but I decided to leave them as it was more of a test run with new camera. They were also made a lot worse in the processing, the raw data was much smoother.

I think the orientation worked, didn't give it much thought, I havent really thought about what I wanted to convey, more or less shot from the hip. At first I wanted to have another composition, but later realised I couldn't rotate the camera as I would on a focuser, since I just took my plate adapter from my tripod and screwed it to the NEQ-6 instead of a dovetail.

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Very nice

and you have caught cataclysmic variable SS Cyg in outburst  (~mag8.5ish see AAVSO curve below))

you lucky thing you :) I have been chasing it for a few days now, and failed because of cloud :(




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