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Milton Keynes Observing


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Hi Wired64

Welcome to the forum

Not from your neck of the woods, but have you tried here :-

Milton Keynes Astronomical Society

Next Meeting on 31st October this Friday

Rectory Cottages

Church Green Road



Your bound to meet up people with the local knowledge, you might even strike lucky and find they have a good dark site

Regards John

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Welcome Rich. Coming along to our meeting this Friday would be a good start. It is actually a talk night, but don't let that put you off, we have a very good speaker coming.


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Ah thats great, might be a little bit out of my depth for now as im new to the hobby and only just purchased my first scope. But if i can convince a friend to come with me then i'll be there.

Do you host any stargazing parties in the area?


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I observe from my back garden in mk but it isn't the darkest of places! There are plenty of darker skies not too far away but I have yet to find a decent place to set up my scope away from the roads or on somebody's land.

I first saw the milky way properly from a layby on the Leighton Buzzard bypass!

I have looked at the mkas but not plucked up the courage to go to a meeting yet as I feel I would be out of my depth. It is a shame that tonights meeting wasnt for observing because it is quite clear at the moment. Can almost guarantee cloud for the next one!

There is a thread in the Beds, Herts and Bucks area section about trying to find a dark spot but I haven't checked it for a while to see if anyone has found a decent one.


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for reply its still nice to know of other stargazers in the area. Hopefully overtime this thread will get filled with some good local spots.

I too observe from my garden. I'm actually outside Milton Keynes so skies can be quite good, I can see M45 Pleiades on a clear night.

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The MKAS meetings are very informal, it's a small society, and the abilities and interests of members vary considerably. There are 2 main types of meeting: talks, and AstroMeets.

The former are generally from guest speakers but occasionally members, and cover a wide selection of topics. The last one focussed on Galileo and his role in the popularisation of the telescope, including a perspective on earlier references to telescope-like apparatus. The previous one was on the differences, similarities, and cooperation between amateur and professional astronomers, and before that, one on the Juice mission to Jupiter.

AstroMeets are very much about the members and what they are doing, perhaps particular observing goals or projects, or recently completed imaging sessions. They also cover what is coming up in the following weeks in both events and observing opportunities, and invariably cover questions and answers on equipment, observing, imaging and processing, and the science of astronomy. Usually something for everyone to either learn or contribute.

Both types of meeting are followed by a social element.

We rarely do organised observing on these Friday meetings, unless it is an advertised outreach event that we do a couple of times a year. Though, as last Friday, someone will often have a scope in the car in case an opportunity arises. We do have a small group that communicate via email and organise ad hoc observing at one of a couple of dark sky locations we use on the perimeter of MK. These often happen at short notice based on prevailing conditions and personal commitments. Others, including me, have fixed equipment in "observatories" and don't often take part in these sessions. Of course that means we have to deal with inconveniences, like the tree and street light about 4 metres from my pier, over my shoulder, almost obscuring sight of Polaris for alignment!

We also have an annual weekend away to Shropshire, and several members travel to meetings of societies like SPA and BAA.

But generally speaking, if is a very informal gathering of enthusiasts with a common interest, and always welcoming of visitors and potential new members.

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