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Where to astromod a Nikon?

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Anyone know of anybody who does astromods to Nikons, specifically a D5100?

Preferably in the UK or EU since I'll be shipping it...

Going to check what this costs, before I start looking at used modded Canons.

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These advertise modifications for Nikopns, but not specifically your model:


Know I have seen them mentioned previously so I assume tried and tested.


Say they will soon be doing Nikons, maybe email and ask if they are doing them now

Slightly confusing is:


They say: No worries, we will mod your Canon/Nikon DSLR for you

Then the only cameras listed are Canons.

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Gotten replies! Astronomizer don't work with Nikon.

JTW works with Nikon and will do a filter removal for 200€ (high price due to Nikons being more difficult).

So, at this point I might just let go of the Nikon incl. kit lens for 150€ to a friend, and find a used Canon that's already modded. But I still haven't made up my mind :)

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I think astronomiser will do the job in the EU-zone, but I you are willing to send your camera to the US, you have a company that can do a heat reduction mod too, I do not know what exactly that is but it is worth to ask them about it here.


Btw, they did all the DSLR camera modifications to NASA to use on board ISS :)

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