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Restarting the Heart (130pds)

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Ok, after a few false starts this year Im determined to make an effort in getting both the Heart and Soul together. It would require my largest mosaic yet, which would be 10 panes (never gone above 6), so this might take a while!

So despite the blowy conditions last night I got some really good data (excellent transparency), bit of a chill in the air too - Winter is on its way! The plan is to go left another three panes, and if Ive got it right it should join up with some Soul data I shot last month. All thats left after that is another three panes along the bottom row.


6x900 (Ha) 2x2bin x2 panes

130pds, Atik 383L+, NEQ6

Setpoint: -25

Resolution: 3.4" p/p

Thanks for looking! :)



Fullsize here:


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Thanks guys, hopefullly I can down it in 2 full nights (assuming that I dont mess it up, and it stays clear!). I could probably skimp on the interconnecting panes between the areas of interest - and trade that for more time on the Heart & Soul.... we will see! :)

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Just seen the forecast for Friday night... it looks like an all nighter! :D  So theres a good chance I can make some serious progress on this one, should be able to get the first row of five done & dusted (hopefully without a meridian flip).

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