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Sh2-171: Now in colour (130pds)

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For the first couple of hours of last night, there was no Moon about - so time to quickly bag some OIII and put a bit of colour into it.

When processing the Ha lum, this time ive chosen not to do a layer mask becuase it didnt quite look right - so the diffuse areas remain so. I guess it wouldnt have looked natural if I'd used a mask to raise the brightness level of everything around Sh2-171. So for the moment  Ive left the processing a little on the conservative side.

Sh2-171 + NGC7822

18x600 Ha_L, 7x600 Ha_R, 7x600 OIIIG&B (2x2bin) + Noels synth green

130pds, Atik 383L+, NEQ6, MPCC MkIII


Thanks for looking! :)


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That's another great image Rob. You really have the 130 singing!

I'm yet to try mine with my new 460ex, but I suspect I won't get such good stars at the corners, I may seek advice from you again!


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Thanks :)

Yep, a bigger chip will test your corners - so you might need to tinker with the mpcc spacing slightly. And/or tweak your collimation to get as much illumination as you can

If you still have coma, then its still too short.

If the distortion is radial, the spacing is too long.

You never know, it might work first time of asking! (yeah right!).

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That sir is one mighty fine capture :Envy:  :Envy: :Envy: if you don't mind me saying so... 

Sorry to hear you have all been ill, hope you and your family get well soon.



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Thanks Lewis :)

Sorry I havent replied sooner, the whole family got hit with norovirus last weekend. Its only now that im just starting to eat again.... still feeling a bit rough :(

That sux :-( Guess where I got noro? On my honeymoon!

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That sux :-( Guess where I got noro? On my honeymoon!

Thats grim mate!

Im back on (simple) food now, but every time I eat its like my guts are on spin cycle - loads of growling and not very comfortable. Good job the weather is pants because I'd be well miffed if I'd missed any clear sky over this!

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