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Astrotortilla, open file dialog, rotation....?

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Hi guys im having a touch of trouble trying to figure out how to use Astrotortilla, i can solve images ok to get on objects in the night sky all ok, but when i try to solve with a previous nights sub using the open file dialog, it solves ok and comes up with numbers filled in for last error and rotation. What i thought AT would do is give you a rotation for the previous nights sub along with a rotation for the live image AT takes with APT, then you would adjust rotaton to match...... so just not sure really what to do.

I also tried solving a previous nights sub with the open file dialog again and it finishes and gives me a rotation of -177.26 (flipped), {I have marked the rotation box so you can see what im talking about in the picture below} i then rotated the camera and solved again using the open file dialog and the rotation remained the same at 177.26 (flipped)????? its driving me potty lol, i really need to get this sorted for when the new moon comes back and i start to get my 2nd session of M31 data :(

any help or advice would be most grateful



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If you are using the File Open dialogue, it will not make any difference when you adjust the camera as it is reporting the rotation of the camera when you took the picture.. 

As in adjusting the camera does not change the rotation of the image on your PC...

Take a 'live' image and it will then show you the current rotation of the camera.

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Thanks Paul, i got a plan of what to try next, so hopefully all will be good.......

one thing do you need to let it solve to give u a live rotation figure or can you just abort once you have taken the live image 

Yes you need to let it solve before it will give you the current camera rotation.

Try opening the file from the other day and get the rotation of the camera on that day, then take alive image, let it solve and get the current rotation, adjust the camera as required and keep going until it is the same as the previous day.

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