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Hi All,

Does anyone know what debayer settings I should be using in Nebulosity 3 for an un-modified Canon 1000D with no filters?

this is what I am presented with when I select the Debayer option..


however with the default setting I get a very green image.. 

Also having watched the tutorial on youtube it says to Normalize the images before Debayering, but then I have also read to Normalize the images BEFORE Debayering.. Which one is correct ?

Any help would be great..

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Try different settings of Matrix Offset such as X=1, Y=0 and X=0,Y=1.  Hopefully the right combination should leap out at you.

As for normalising I've got 2 sets of pdf instructions both written by Craig Stark - one suggests normalising before and the other after the debayer :icon_scratch:  I've settled on  normalising after debayer simply because that's the order they appear in Nebulosity's menu.

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