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i recently modded my 1100d and with it being clear last night i decided to try it out to try it out and make sure everything was fine, i started off with a few shots of Pleiades and straight away i noticed a problem, on the brighter stars you can see a red reflection and on the smaller stars there is red halos round them, I've attached an image below to show the problem


i am using the skywatcher ed80 and a cls clip filter in the 1100d, i want using a reducer as i don't have one yet.

could it be due to the mod, could it be a reflection from the clip filter, any help would be very much appreciated

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It looks like out of focus IR light, it may be that your telescope does not bring the IR anywhere near the focal point of the other colours so unless you use a IR cut then this could be an issue. Not sure why they are off to one side though.

I think most of the cls filters aren't IR cut.

TSED70Q, iOptron Smart EQ pro, ASI-120MM, Finepix S5 pro.

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I don't think it's the modification itself - this looks like a close in reflection to me. I'd test again on a bright star both with and without the CLS Filter so that you can either rule that in or out before you try anything else.

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thanks for the replies, I forgot to mention in my first post that the mod was to replace to original IR cut filter

I'm going to try both with and without the cls filter, just have to wait for the cloud to clear now

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The symptoms appear to be indicative of the filter not being parallel to the sensor I'm afraid.... That probably means needing to reseat the filter.... I found this reference with the same symptom - might be of interest:




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