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Hi guys,

Thinking of going for the skywatcher synguider, anyone out there using this at present or have any

feed back on its performance, kit I am using is skywatcher 200p with synscan eq5 mount and mod canon 600 eos,


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I have the synguider on the finder of my 200P which is on an HEQ5. It works well when you find a star, but finding one can be frustrating. I think I have a couple of dead pixels on mine - so it always "auto finds" a star at something like x=-20,y=205, even when the objective lens is covered! But as long as you know that and work around it, it works fine (and it's nice not to have to have a computer out there too).

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The problem should be solved with a dark frame subtraction, but you need a guide scope or a off-axis guider to guide.

How do you subtract dark frames on the Synguider?  There doesn't appear to be anything in the manual about it...

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I think the noise setting is used to minimise or remove hot pixels...

Doesn't seem to make a difference on mine -- even with noise up as high as it can go, I see the stars at the top of the screen (and it autolocks on them happily).

Maybe I'll try flashing to firmware (for some reason mine is running Celestron Nexguider firmware despite being a Skywatcher Synscan).

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