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Tech. ast. req....please!

paul t

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When your logged into Isee Stars, hover over the "Account" button at the top, underneath it will appear some more links, you need to click on the "Browse your images" link. You will then see all of your images, under each is a little "Remote access" link, click on that for each image you want to put in the forum, it will popout some little boxes, you want the bottom one (called "Image Forum Tag") copy and paste everything in that box into the forum message. It'll be something like:


When you post your message it will then display the image...

Any problems then feel free to pm me,



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Browse till you find the image you want to link into the forum.

Then under the image is a box that says "Remote access" when expanded the box gives two options - highjlight everything in the Forum Image Tag box and then paste thats into your message!

That should then be sorted.


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