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TSED70Q v Skywatcher ED80 pro

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Hi All,

I am currently looking at buying a new scope for DSO imaging and like most people I have been looking at the very popular Skywatcher ED80, but I also keep looking at the TSED70Q.

both work out around the same price once I have bought the FF/RR for the Skywatcher or the camera adaptor for the TSED70Q

Does anyone have any working knowledge of the TSED70Q scope, or any around which of these scopes would be better?

or is there any other recommendations for a £500ish imaging scope? 

I will be using a Canon 1000D and a HEQ5 mount (with guiding) with whichever scope I do eventually buy... but just can't decide what one to go for at present.



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Well I'm happy with my TSED70Q, the build quality is very good. No cheap plastic bits.

I've been using it for solar white light and DSO imaging.

The built in FF means that spacing is of no concern at all for the imaging camera as the camera will always be at the focal plane and hence at exactly the right distance from the FF.

The focuser lock works very well and I find I can lock it and not have to adjust the next session.

I've never used a SW ED80 so I can't compare them directly.

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