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SH2-155 The Cave Nebula

peter shah

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I've wanted to image this one for a few years but its been overlooked for one reason or another. Now the nights are drawing in I managed to captured it in one night 6x20mins in each RGB total 6hours. I was hounded with dew and haze which gave me terrible gradients, I managed to pull it back though.

Thanks for looking :biggrin:



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Many thanks everyone....i was going to get some Ha for it but to be honest the signal and detail was pretty strong in the red already so i stuck with the RGB....i should also add that i combined all the data together and made a pseudo Luminance layer .

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Many thanks

Star colour is a Shah speciality and splendid yet again! Nice image, Peter. I have some data on this too. I was surprized you had no Ha here because you have cracking red signal.


 the red signal wasn't too bad ....to boost it a little more I treated the Red channel as if I was applying a H-alpha frame using the mode in PS only giving the opacity a mix of 35% on top of a basic RGB process then colour balanced it....

I also thought it would be a good idea to show you the gradients caused by the progression of haze and dew through the evening ....this has been processed to show the extent of the gradients but is a little unrealistic as I never let them get this bad through the process reducing them as I pushed the process further.




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