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Viability of the oscillating universe model - Black holes turning into white holes and retaining info until the Big Crunch

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1. We are all aware of the Oscillating Universe Theory. If you're not, start here:

2. A recent study has suggested that Black holes could turn into white holes instantly upon collapse. So where are they, you ask? You forgot about time dilation. But they're coming, don't worry.

We know that time slows down in the proximity of great masses that have extreme curving effects on space-time. Effectively, from the point of view of someone falling into a black hole, looking outward, the events of the "external" world will speed up, more and more as we fall closer to the singularity. Basically we witness the rest of the lifetime of the universe, while we fall towards the singularity at normal speed in our own reference system. Visually this means more and more light "arriving in" per second, eventually peaking in all the existing light in the universe hitting our retina in a unit of planck time, that is, if there is any light at all, because with time more and more matter falls into black holes and in the end there is no visible matter left.

3. Even if this theory is wrong, consider the possibility of black holes retaining information, as explained by Stanford University professor Leonard Susskind:

You might say, "Yeah, but this only works if the expansion of the Universe stops and turns into contraction." Wrong. If you argue a cosmological constant that allows for infinite expansion of the universe, due to quantum fluctuations (singularities are quantum phenomena) all the remaining matter (mainly a bunch of black holes of varying sizes) could end up in one point. The principle that allows all matter to end up in a single black hole in an infinitely expanding universe is called the Quantum Poincare Recurrence Theorem. More info:


The following quote will illustrate how it works:

"In another article entitled, "Disturbing Implications of a Cosmological Constant" 8 researchers from Stanford and MIT examined some of the "problems" associated with a cosmological constant. In their paper, they stated that the implications of a cosmological constant "lead to very deep paradoxes, which seem to require major revisions of our usual assumptions." They admit that "there is no universally accepted explanation of how the universe got into such a special state" and that their study, "Far from providing a solution to the problem, we will be led to a disturbing crisis." They also admit, "Some unknown agent initially started the inflation high up on its potential, and the rest is history." In examining problems with the cosmological constant, the authors are concerned that ultimate fate of the universe is complete entropy with all the matter and energy distributed over maximally expanded space-time. They cite the ability of the universe to undergo "Poincare recurrences" as a possible "solution" to one of the "problems." There is a certain theoretical possibility that after the universe is maximally expanded that it would come back together again into one point. Think of it like this. Let's say you are in a room with air molecules randomly moving around in the room. There is a certain probability that the random motion of the molecules could cause all of them to travel to one corner of the room, leaving you in a complete vacuum. Obviously, this would not be a good thing to happen, but it is possible, with an interval on the order of once every 10^60 years. Since we only live 10^2 years in a universe that has been around for only 10^10 years, it is practically impossible. So, what is the time it would take for a fully expanded universe to come back into a single point? The authors calculate the value as e10^120 years."

So, in summary, what we're looking at is all information being saved in black holes, or never even getting lost but bouncing back straight away. Imagine the time when the expansion of the universe turns around into contraction and all the stuff of the universe ends up in black holes, eventually uniting as the "Big Crunch Black Hole", for which have no external world to look out into, and which will not last forever to any external observer. The only existing reference point for this one black hole will be itself, which, as it is about to be formed, sucks in the rest of the universe (all other black holes "ready" to bounce back), and, all information (experience) saved, itself bounces back into a white hole (another universe), which will, in structure, build upon what has been "learned" in the previous universe. Basically the oscillating universes theory.

Please don't read on if you're unconfortable with your belief system being challenged.

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This sounds exactly what is described in the Ra Material, except there these universes are called "Creations", or "Octaves", and the expansion and contraction is the Creator (the Universe itself) breathing in and out. A few quotes to illustrate:

"In the understanding which we have of the universe or creation as one infinite being, its heart beating as alive in its own intelligent energy, it merely is one beat of the heart of this intelligence from creation to creation."

"When the infinite Creator wished to know Itself, Its great heart beat out the next creation with all of its densities and sub-densities and all of the patterns of those densities and creations. Time and space were invoked and that which before was immeasurable and unknowable became a series of illusions that, paradoxically, were to some degree knowable, and these shadows of knowing were much desired by the Creator."

"Seventh density is the Density of Foreverness. In that density all of the souls that are there, who have been on the King’s Highway for many densities, finally release all of the past and turn their heads to the completion of the journey. That density ends in timelessness. Then there is a pause while the great heart of the Creator beats one more time. And when it comes out of that beat we’re in another first density, starting the whole octave of densities once again, being sent out once again to gather information so the Creator can find out who He is."

Quotes from llresearch.org

The unveiledsecretsandmessagesoflight website also provides the same philosophy in this regard:

"Interlocutor: What is the purpose of the Big Bangs and Big Crunches if within the entity called Eon everything is an Eternal Present?

ABBA: The eternal present, precisely permits the various Big Bang /Big Crunch cycles so that each new universe will be in a higher octave, along with all the Creation and all the beings that Eon creates again. In turn, Eon also evolves accompanying the evolution of his Creation. And the goal is evolution. That is the answer."

The Conversations with God books have the same view:

"Universes breathe in and breathe out."

And the list is probably endless.

If I were to use physics to support the idea that the Universe is intelligent, the Creator itself, or at least a part of it, its physical manifestation, like the vessel that your body is for the soul that you are, I would use the question of physical laws:

It's hard to see why a universe should be born with laws that describe phenomena that will ONLY EXIST IN THE FUTURE, as if the universe "knew" these laws will be necessary. So first after the Big Bang you have the hot soup of energy bursting apart, but you need it to slow down otherwise it gets scattered and fall apart. As if it "knew" that in order for it to remain stable, gravity is needed, exactly the value it needs to be, so the universe doesn't collapse, nor does it fall apart. So we need the cosmological constant to be zero to within one part in roughly 10 to the power of 120, otherwise the universe would've dispersed too fast for stars and galaxies to form, or would've re-collapsed upon itself long ago.

Everything looks fine, until you have charge appearing for the first time. (Was it known in advance? Must've been, because, lo and behold, there are laws describing how charged particles should interact - attraction, repulsion.) Damn, we better have a law for this, they better interact with each other in a consistent and predictable manner, keeping in mind that the stability of the universe cannot be jeopardized, so we better add some more fine-tuned constants again. As we know, the ratio of the strengths of gravity to that of electromagnetism, is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. If it were smaller, only a small and short-lived universe could exist.

Then once we have particles... I must stop here. We know what happens next. They will bond and form nuclei, (keep in mind, "the strength of the force binding nucleons into nuclei, is 0.07. If it were 0.06, only hydrogen could exist, and complex chemistry would be impossible. If it were 0.08, no hydrogen would exist, as all the hydrogen would have been fused shortly after the big bang" - wikipedia), then atoms form, which will form molecules because (guess what) there are laws in place already describing how those atoms will need to bond, and from that point on the emergence of life is only a few more unlikely accidents away. At this point, where only particles exist, my question is, why can't they just fly apart? Why were there laws to make them form atoms, and more laws for molecules, as if there were a big plan. Almost sounds like intelligent planning. Is the emergence of consciousness, the phenomenon of self-aware life, also an accident? Something these laws "happened to" allow for?

Where did the "knowledge" come from? The harvest of the previous universe? Doesn't sound implausible. Indeed, as Ra says:

Questioner: "These early Logoi that formed in the center of the galaxy wished, I assume, to create a system of experience for the one Creator. Did they then start with no previous experience or information about how to do this? This is difficult to ask.

Ra: I am Ra. At the beginning of this creation or, as you may call it, octave there were those things known which were the harvest of the preceding octave. About the preceding creation, we know as little as we do of the octave to come. However, we are aware of those pieces of gathered concept which were the tools which the Creator had in the knowing of the self. These tools were of three kinds. Firstly, there was an awareness of the efficiency for experience of mind, body, and spirit. Secondly, there was an awareness of the most efficacious nature or, if you will, significator of mind, body, and spirit. Thirdly, there was the awareness of two aspects of mind, of body, and of spirit that the significator could use to balance all catalyst. You may call these two the matrix and the potentiator."

I have been always fascinated with the properties of the octaves. There are those that move between them. They impart a very limited amount of information about them. An example of what we know:

"Questioner: Then we have, at the beginning of this galactic evolution, an archetypical mind that is the product of the previous octave which this galaxy then used as and acts upon under the first distortion so as to allow for what we experience as polarity. Was there any concept of polarity carried through from the previous octave in the sense of service-to-others or service-to-self polarity?

Ra: I am Ra. There was polarity in the sense of the mover and the moved. There was no polarity in the sense of service-to-self and service-to-others.

Questioner: Then the first experiences, as you say, were in monochrome. Was the concept of the seven densities of vibration with the evolutionary process taking place in discrete densities carried through from the previous octave?

Ra: I am Ra. To the limits of our knowledge, which are narrow, the ways of the octave are without time; that is, there are seven densities in each creation infinitely."

Does any or all of this make sense to anybody?

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