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Some Sagittarius Herschel objects


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Went out last night with the intention of finding some DSO's in Pegasus, but gave up after 10 minutes(some hard-core dedication, I know). 

The southern sky from my viewing location is the darkest, I can see the Lagoon Nebula with the naked eye, so I went for some Herschel objects in Sagittarius. 














It was a lot of fun just sitting there for an hour and focusing on finding these open/globular clusters. I think I got better at star hopping, as some of these objects were quite faint. I had to use averted vision for most of them, looking straight at them made them disappear...

After that I took a gaze at M31 for a couple minutes. Next was Cassiopeia.





I actually was going for about ten more objects in Cassiopeia, but light pollution is bad towards the north and west at my location, so I take what I can get.

I headed to Hercules to find the two Herschel objects(from the Herschel 400 list anyways) that are present there.




I'm actually surprised I found 6207, as I figured the Hercules cluster would completely wash it out, but I was in luck! Nice and visible in my 6 inch dobsonian.

It will be a while till I make it out again, so I'm glad I managed to find all these while I got the chance.

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Yup, if I look off to the right of it I can just make it out, though I may be seeing the stars that are around it. I didn't think that what I was seeing was the Lagoon nebula, but sure enough, I trained my finder on it and it was smack dab in the middle of the eyepiece!

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Great report and certainly a busy evening, Pbeville. Sagittarius is such a gorgeous treasure box of gems. Over the summer had a great time around the area and like you but possibly a lot worse, when the skies are good and behaving here, M 8 is vaguely apparent to the naked eye. Sadly, I've had to call it a day with Scorpius and Sagittarius this year. By the time I get home from work and able to get out and set up, these two have long dipped behind the horizon of hills.

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