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I've been busy trying to get some of my co-workers and friends to come join me at my telescope, and finally succeeded last night!

I brought along one of my co-workers out to use my Orion XT6. He had always been interested in astronomy, and had a small Wal-Mart refractors growing up. I showed him some of the brighter Messier objects that are visible, but he also got a treat out of seeing some of the double stars. (I inadvertently found my new favorite, Piazzi's flying star) He has already started talking about buying a telescope himself, but he said going out and looking through mine will have to tide him over until he can dish out the money on one.

Not only was it nice to show him some of the stuff that is out there, but it was cool telling him about them too. He didn't know much about nebula and galaxies, so it was a perfect opportunity to tell him all about them.

Maybe I can get more people to come out and see how awesome this hobby is!

On a side note: I will be taking advantage of the clear nights that we are having lately and venture out tonight. Target: as many DSO's in Pegasus as I can find.

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