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Using a Sony A6000

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I have recently bagged myself a Sony A6000L camera, beautiful thing she is too. I am just looking to see if anyone has had any imaging nights with this camera at all? I am going to get hold of a T-mount for an e-fit and give her a go at the moon etc. Would be very interested in any feedback. Thanks all and dark skys.

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I've also picked up a sony a6000, which was also beautiful until a drip of snot hit the screen... Anyhow! I see you haven't gotten any replies here and I this was the only thread I found searching for "sony a6000". 

How have things gone? Has anyone else used this camera for this purpose?

I also want to dive into astrophotography with this camera.

Greetings from sweden.


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Still no replies, but I have picked up a A5100 2 days ago, which is pretty similar. Got the 2 kits lenses, a 500mm mirror f6.3 lens and a 85mm f1.4 to try out with it. Also getting to grips with celestron starsense.

So far extremely impressed with the camera. I got it because dxomark gave it almost the best low light score, just behind the d3300, but I went for the sony due to it being extremely compact and I've had dslrs before so wanted something different.

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Hi  I dont have the sony a6000 or the a5100 but i have a sony nex6 and nex7 . I also have a canon 50d. I prefer the sony as it lighter and has a moveable screen making it easier to focus. I have posted a few photos on several forums . so you could check them out . Have you taken any astro photos yet . The sony cameras seem to be more popular in the USA . You could check out some of the USA forums . 1 tip dont use the colour focus peaking. Just use the 10X mag focus. Ian

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Well I'm seriously impressed with the A5100, the sensor is amazing. Indoor photography at iso3200 is no problem. It's so tiny, barely bigger than a compact camera. With 23mp it's great to be able to crop an image whilst maintaining decent resolution. I've got the samyang 85mm f1.4 lens coming, so hoping for some clear nights. It's been very muggy 38c during the day and cloudy humid nights just recently.

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