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How to image the sun?

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Heres what i have:

A SW 200P, a solar filter/film=thin silver "paper"


a Canon 550


What can i do with this equipment to safely take some shots of the sun?

How do i point the scope at the sun without star aligment like i do at night?

Can the scope or cameras be damaged if i use the solarfilm/filter?

Thanks in advance :-)

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Which solar film do you have, ND5 or 3.8? You need the ND5 for visual, it can also be used for imaging. The ND3.8 is for imaging only.

You will not damage your camera in any way if using the film correctly.

Not really done any solar imaging with a DSLR. Start off with an exposure around 1/1000 or 1/1500 and see how you get on.

To aim the scope at the sun, in the absence of a solar finder, just get a sheet of white card or paper and hold it behind the scope tube. Adjust the position of the scope until you get a good/ smallest shadow of the scope on the card, you are then aligned. View through the EP to fine tune. Make sure to either keep the finder capped or make a filter holder for the finder. When first viewing the sun try a 20 or 15mm EP.


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The only thing I would add to the tutorial (modesty forbids me mentioning the authors name  :p !!) is that with a 200P you may find things easier if you make a cardboard filter holder that fits over the end of the tube but only has a hole in it (covered with the filter of course!!) of about 4" (100mm) diameter.  This can be placed so the filtered sunlight passes between the arms of the secondary holder.  The slightly reduced aparture is of no consequence when it comes to final image quality.  Use the lowest ISO setting you have (100?) and set the exposure to give an image that is "a little on the dark side" rather than too bright.

Finding the Sun in a scope can be surprisingly tricky!!  The easiest method is probably to use the shadow cast by the telescope tube.  Whatever you do DON'T sight along the tube with your unprotected eye!!!!

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