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Power tank question


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So my 7ah skywatcher power tank is kaput and I'm looking for alternatives.

I've spotted "jump starters" that also have USB ports in, so they could be useful alternatives. Firstly because they are much smaller so wouldnt get in the way on my scope mount, and secondly because it will come in useful for iphone charging on weekends away!

In particular, I've seen this "Jumbl" one on amazon : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jumbl-Portable-Starter-000mAh-Capacity/dp/B00KIXSXWQ

I have a 10 inch skywatcher goto dob which needs 12v - and this power tank has a 12v output.

So I have a few questions:

Firstly - has anyone any experience of this type of power tank/jump starter, do they deliver a good constant power supply?

Secondly  - (a little long winded this one) - the skywatcher power tank states it delivers 12v 10A, and this power tank also claims that, though there are many similar (cheaper) ones that deliver a 12v, 2A)...now if I remember my electronics - the 10A would be the maximum that the power tank could deliver - the scope would actually draw as much current as it needs, which presumably is a lot less that 10A because my 7AH power tank used to last for many many hours....So I think my questions are - does anyone know what current a goto-DOB would need? Would a lower spec jump starter / power tank with 12V / 2A output be sufficient?

Thirdly I suppose just to confirm my basic maths/electronics knowledge  - the tank in the link is rated 12000mAH which should be 12AH - so should last longer between charges than the 7Ah of the skywatcher tank

Thanks in advance

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I'm no expert but I don't think that translates to 12 Ah, I have some rechargeable AA batteries that are 2450 mah  and I can't see five of them starting a car, it doesn't say what sort of battery it is.

If it's a Li Ion then there are some very cheap explosive ones about, you would be better off getting a Tracer battery see link.




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And I've seen elsewhere on Sgl that these type of tank would have a much shorter run time at 12v

Tracers look the biz but are a bit pricier than I'd hoped.

Has anyone spotted or tried one of these, cheaper than a tracer, seems designed to run at 12v, 8400mah is less than bigger tracers but still more than my old 7ah power tank


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There are many better alternatives to the sky watcher and celestron branded powertanks. As long as it delivers 12v tip positive then it will work and the ah rating will define how long it will run your proposed equipment. If its just the mount you shouldnt need much. I use 120ah marine battery as I have to power a mount, dew heaters, 2 cameras, a laptop and these all consume a fair bit of power.

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