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Is there anyone out there that can help me get it right? 

My mount is a Sky Watcher EQ6 pro

The scope William Optics 110mm 

My guide camera is a SBIG ST-i 

The lens that comes with the camera is only small  about 30mm diameter but equivalent to 100mm.

 I've changed the parameters in the brain icon but haven't had any consistency. 

I've taken three minute exposures of the ring nebula with nice round stars then moved the mount to a another object with a lower dec and ended up with PHD losing the star or not being able to guide on it in the first place. 

Hope there is someone out there with the same set up and working!!! 

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i had problems with anything around the meridian, balance was the issue as i believe the mount was rocking on the gears as the balance was almost spot on, i shifted the weights up the shaft and it then was fine, until that point i had never had a issue with PHD 

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With PHD2 you don't always have to re-calibrate. Depends on how far apart the last object and the current slew is. Usually all you have to do is click on another star and it will automatically start guiding again without having to re-calibrate at all. Always let the guiding settle in/down and the graph line flatten out (especially in DEC) for a few moments before you start imaging. 

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in the same way that some people like to unbalance the scope slightly, making the rig slightly heavier to the east to stop the scope slopping in the gears, is there any mileage in unbalancing the scope in Dec slightly ?

I'm beginning to think that I've got some issues in that department, the scope wandering around in the backlash a bit.  I guess the way to do it would be to make the scope slightly tail-heavy, since it's always facing up ?

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