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Hello from Gloucester!

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Hi everyone

I'm Lizie, I live in Gloucestershire and I'm obsessed with Space. Ever since I was 7 years old it's been a fascination of mine. Books, documentaries observatories but I'm now venturing into a new phase and I'm looking to buy my first telescope which is rather daunting.

I'm also in love with photography so I cannot wait to combine them.

My favourite planet is Jupiter but I also have an interest in Saturn and Venus.

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Hi Lizie and welcome to the forum. If you are thinking about bringing together your interest in photography and astronomy, then may I suggest you consider getting hold of a copy of Steve Richards' book entitled "Making Every Photon Count". It's a comprehensive guide on what you need to know in order to produce good consistent images. Astrophotography is quite different to terrestrial photography and getting hold of this will book will ensure you don't buy the wrong kit and it will also help you to obtain a very good overview on the subject of imaging in order for you to decide on where best to start. Hope that helps you but please don't hesitate to ask any question in the relevant sections.

Clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay here.


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A very warm welcome to the lounge Lizie. They're a great bunch here - no question too daft - people remember we were all beginners too at some point.

My book recommendation for you is "Turn Left at Orion", I wouldn't be without my copy.

Enjoy every step of the journey.

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Hi Lizie and welcome to SGL. Decisions, decisions, always difficult when it comes to choosing a telescope, probably your next best step is to post in the  "Getting started equipment help and advice" section where you should gain a lot of help, in deciding what you want, as there are many pitfalls for the unwary, enjoy :)

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