Hi, Thought I would share the details and pictures of my home built ASI120mc based all sky camera The whole project cost around £25 not including the camera obviously....... The dome is covered in cling film for protection against scratches while building it The dome is 140mm diameter 100mm with 20mm flange all round The waterproof electrical box is 190mm x 140mm x 70mm All the bits, waterproof electrical box, Acrylic dome of optical quality, ASI120mc with 150 degree lens, old computer fan, red led to show power on, bracket to hold camera in place. Holes were drilled first to secure dome to the base, along with the hole for the camera lens. Holes drilled in dome and box top cover Bolted together and sealed with clear silicon sealant Tripod mount fitted to bottom Fan mounted slightly raised from the base Camera held in place, using two of the dome securing bolts, the hole for the camera has been cut so that the first tier of the camera fits through, but not the main body, I will be fitting a rubber seal around the inside of the hole in the lid to fit against the step on the camera when lid is on. Four extra holes drilled for air flow to keep the dome from fogging up when in use Cables in place, 12v power for fan and USB cable for camera More pics tomorrow of the finished project