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Pacman nebula (NGC 281) with the 130pds

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Hi everyone,

Is the Pacman dull? I think not: that Bok globule hanging there

in the middle is just awesome, and the shape of the main dark nebulosity is also quite spectacular.

Anyhow, here is my go at it with the 130 pds in (modified) Hubble palette.


25x20m Ha (Astrodon 5nm)

13x20m OIII (Astrodon 3nm)

5x20m  SII (Astrodon 5nm)


-130 pds and SXVR-H9

-Heq5, Costar guider and SX minifilter wheel

Processing done in Pixinsight with some touches in PS (selective colour and high pass filter).

Image in astrobin and more details: get.jpg

Comments welcome and thanks for looking!




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Yet another great HST image Epicycle; well judged colour palette and not over-processed.



Thanks Barry!

Looks great! I guess you like that little 130pds now ey? :)


Yeap, I do. Light (only one counterweight), fast, good focal length and inexpensive! Now I only need a similarly inexpensive ccd with a 694 chip...

Very nice. I love the colours; gives it a real sense of depth.

Thank you.

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