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Multishooter's & software - a year later...


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Just over a year ago now I was investigating software automation for a triple shooter imaging rig and was surprised nothing much in the way of software to control all this was available.



It worked quite well from a manual perspective but I went back to a single scope at the start of the year and during the summer lay off (no astronomical darkness through May to August) got the rest of the Obsy automation sorted out. I've now put a twin shooter setup on the mount, from previous experience I decided to wait until I upgrade the Obsy 'puter and mount before I try 3 again. I've learnt a lot about physically putting it together and my Obsy is now pretty much fully remotely controllable. However, its not fully automated yet, which is my goal.

So what has changed since I looked last year... not a lot from what I can see. Even though there are lots more people using multishooters!

There are only a couple of things I can see so far that have changed.

SGPro (I have yet to try this software)

There's a thread on their forum alluding to 2 camera support...


FocusMax V4 (A paid for update)

"It can work with two independent cameras and focusers across 1 or 2 camera platforms."


Anyone know of any more developments worth looking at?

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Yes, when I looked at it I couldn't see much advantage over what I was already doing. Starting an imaging run & kicking off the captures for each sequence manually. My aim is for unattended automation so not wanting to be woken up at 3 in the morning to click on a few start buttons.. :huh:

Plus, having to use either multiple PC's or more likely use multiple VM's.

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