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Can I be first to recommend SkySafari .

I have the Pro version which isn't a cheap app but well worth the money. There are cheaper versions but I'm not sure what limitations they have.

That is really the only astro related app I use frequently. I have a few others but can't even remember what they are!

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I wondered about that one, I have it on the laptop and find it really useful.

Yeah, I use it on my laptop for my mount's GOTO, most of the time (sometimes I use Cartes du Ciel). When I saw it up on Android, I bought it instantly. Only like £1.69 and well worth it as it has pretty much most of the desktop version's features. 

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What does sky safari bring to make it worth the large outlay? Is it similar to google sky maps or skeye ?

I've tried Google sky maps and don't like it same with skyeye.

SkySafari has considerable functionality including scope control if you have suitable hardware.

It's very accurate too.

It has satellite tracking which will also provide visible pass info. It's stable mate, satellite safari, offers even more features though.

I use SkySafari on my phone and tablet at my telescope and find that its rendition of field stars closely matches the real sky.

Great for locating asteroids and faint fuzzies.

As soon as I get the WiFi interface I'll be using it to control my scope too.

It's maybe a bit involved for some users but for me it's what mobile devices were invented for!

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I use both Stellarium and Cosmos Celestron Navigator.

The Celestron app has a huge database and provides information for most objects in the sky (along with pictures). I use that during the day to decide what I will look at during my observations, then go over into Stellarium mobile once I'm out in the field.

Stellarium mobile is very streamlined, so I don't get distracted and keep my eye on the prize(s)!

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