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First try on astrophotography: Hourglass nebula

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Hello guys!

I modded my SPC900NC for long exposure, using Yesyes tutorial, and i'm very impressed with the results!

This is my first try ever on AP.

Target: Hourglass nebula, inside M8, the Lagoon nebula.

20 frames os 15 seconds;

1 dark frame, just for removing the hot pixels.

12" F/5 GSO on GEM (custom made)

SPC900NC webcam (LX modded)



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Getting anything on a scope of that focal length with just a webcam is an achievement, well done.

I'm sure you appreciate you're a touch out of focus, and some kind of autoguiding would help.. do you have access to a DSLR?, in which case your SPC900 would make a very nice guide camera.


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