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First comet: C/2014 Jacques (Soul Nebula) WIP

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First time at this kind of stuff so im not quite sure if im going to be able to make it all work, but I'll give it a go! :)

This is the first part of the process on this one, the challenge being to get round stars as well as a round comet. Not much of a tail though, so not exactly the most photogenic object. The 10x60s subs were enough to get the comet as well as a whiff of the soul nebula, for which I have also taken a 2nd pane to the left. Then, to finish it off I took a few Ha subs - nothing is calibrated yet so it will be a few days before its finished.

10x60 (subs spaced by 180s)

130pds, Atik 383L+

No calibration (yet!)

Thanks for looking :)



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Cheers :)

Im hoping its going to turn out alright once ive taken the flats for it, as stitching together uncalbrated mosaic panes is pretty much impossible (tried it, and it looked pants!).

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